Related PathLoss information


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Over the years a number of interesting papers or information has been offered by various members of this forum. Would it not be a good idea for a space on the Pathloss site as a receptical for this information rather than individuals requesting the info each time. A number of the threads on this forum seem to go on forever (two, three or four pages) with members asking for the same info. A specific area for this info would keep the threads shorter as well as giving members an oppotunity to get the information as and when they need it.
Just a thought. Chris ?

I agree. I am a new member here and would like to view the offered papers and articles but it is rather difficult to obtain them.

If possible a forum "sticky" with the papers would be nice.
Agree..! :D

I agree. Good Idea. It would also be good to know if there is any pathloss training.
It seems to me that Pathloss could make even more money by providing Training Courses and intensive manuals instead of one having to seek 3rd party vendors? This is professional use software.