Trouble in antenna lookup file via .csv file


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Hello there,

I am looking for help!

I have a .csv file for around 200 Km area which has 163 point to point links. I am in plan to install one microwave link within this area.

Whenever I have imported .csv file in Pathloss 4.0, network will be created (.gr4 file), but when I checked the worksheet model all antenna details are empty. Antenna codes/radio codes are in .csv file exact match to antenna/radio lookup table.

Without codes I am not able to run interference.

My question is -
1. How lookup table works with .csv file?
2. Do I need to load antenna/radio file manually for all 163 link?

Thanks in advance.

Trouble in antenna lookup file via csv file

My file contains special characters which are shown as spaces in the roster. How do I get the special characters to display correctly?